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Vertical Chair Lifts
Savaria Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Accessibility for New England is proud to be an authorized supplier and installer for Savaria Wheelchair Lifts.  A practical and economical solution for people who face mobility and accessibility problems within their own homes, but want to maintain a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle without having to move. Choose from our wide selection of wheelchair lifts — and even customize it to solve any unique challenge that your home presents.

Check with your Accessibility for New England installer or sales representative to make sure your lift meets code for your application.

All of these lifts will pass commercial code.

Multilift Vertical Platform Lift

The Multilift is a vertical platform lift, designed for low-rise travel, inside or outside your home or in certain public spaces. With its durable design, the Multilift is popular for accessing decks and porches even in demanding climates.
At the heart of the Multilift is the reliable operation of the ACME screw drive which delivers precision movement and performance you can count on day after day. Handling up to 750 lb (340 kg), this lift can carry a passenger in a wheelchair with ease. An array of safety features ensure safe operation including sensors to stop the lift if it senses an obstruction.
With its enclosed drive tower and base, the Multilift is easy to install and up for the extremes of outdoors. There are several models of the Multilift available including a mobile version, an enclosed unit and one clad in stainless steel.  This lift is available for commercial applications in the U.S., and home use anywhere, the Multilift is an easy way to add access for low-rise travel.

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V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

The V-1504 lift is built to carry a wheelchair and passenger safely up and down one or more levels. Suitable for installations in public and commercial buildings, as well as private homes, this Savaria lift features an extremely versatile design that can be configured and customized to suit virtually any project requirements and aesthetic needs. From the rugged outdoors, to the most luxurious office tower lobbies, the Savaria V-1504 lift is ready to serve with its reliable performance, ease of use and range of finish options.
Every Savaria™ V-1504 model is driven by our reliable hydraulic system and can be configured just for your needs. The lift travels up and down a rail system enclosed in the lift tower. The tower is supported with attachment to an existing wall or through a constructed hoistway. Because the drive system is contained within the lift tower, no additional machine room is required for installation.  
From the finest office tower lobbies to your backyard, the Savaria V-1504 provides accessibility and attractive design.

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Savaria Delta Inclined Platform Lift

The Savaria Delta inclined platform lift carries a passenger with wheelchair up and down stairs by travelling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. Suitable for home or commercial applications, this lift is well suited to environments where an elevator or vertical lift cannot be easily accommodated.
Designed for a single flight of interior straight stairs, the Savaria Delta is generally easy to install with minimal construction required. The motor is housed on board the unit with no need for a machine room. The folding platform, available in ADA-compliant size, allows easy access the stairs when the lift is not being used, making this a popular choice for schools, churches and other public buildings.
This system is battery powered allowing it to operate through a power failure. Charging stations at the top and bottom ensure the lift is always ready to go. The unobtrusive design and reliable performance of this lift make it a winning choice for space-saving accessibility.
The lift provides reliable performance and user-friendly operation. 
If your project has multiple levels, turning stairs, curved stairs or stairs with intermediate landings, please see the Savaria Omega inclined platform lift.

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