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LU/LA Elevators

Orion Elevator

The Orion elevator is designed with features you would expect in a high-rise elevator but built for commercial low-rise buildings.  
The Savaria Orion elevator was designed for limited use/limited application (LU/LA) commercial projects and is well-suited for use in educational settings, places of worship and up to 3-story professional offices. 

With the features you would expect to see in a high-rise elevator such as automatic sliding doors and commercial fixtures, the Orion elevator delivers a professional appearance and a smooth ride for passengers.  The Orion is cost-effective solution to ADA-compliant accessibility that meets state and national codes for LU/LA elevators.
Homeowners also choose the Orion elevator when looking for a more commercial-grade style.  Upgrades for the Orion include stainless steel two-speed doors to deliver a modern and sleek look.
Check out these LU/LA elevator videos from Savaria
The Evolution model Limited Use Limited Access (L.U./L.A.) elevator is designed for churches, schools and small businesses where installing a larger elevator is not practical or feasible. The LULA can still meet ADAAG guidelines and is construction friendly. The LULA only requires single phase electrical service and can often be installed with only a 14” pit. The commercial grade rugged construction of the LULA has a 1,400 lbs capacity and can travel up to 25 feet. Evolution features a standard 42" by 54" car and is equipped with automatic power sliding commercial doors.  This niche elevator provides a solution to property owners looking for an affordable alternative to a large commercial elevator or where a platform lift may not suit their needs.