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Residential Elevators
 Accessibility For New England is an authorized seller and installer for the following home elevator brands:
Savaria Access Home Elevators

Accessibility for New England is a proud authorized supplier & installer of residential elevator solutions from Savaria. They set the industry standard with a variety of one-of-a-kind looks and unique features. Ready to give your home a look that rises above the rest? Then it's time for an elevator that can help take you to the next level. It's time for an elevator from Savaria.

Please review the different models below and find the one that best meets your needs.  Our experienced technicians can help guide you if you are not sure which is best.  

Savaria Infinity Luxury Home Elevator 

The Infinity luxury home elevator is the ultimate smooth, quiet ride thanks to its precision hydraulic drive system. When you install an Infinity elevator in your home you add the ultimate in convenience. Whether it's carrying luggage or laundry, riding in comfort and luxury eliminates the barrier of stairs.
Your Infinity elevator starts with a reliable hydraulic drive system that features a whisper-quiet pump and motor. With gradual acceleration and deceleration, your ride starts and stops smoothly, automatically levelling at each landing. For superior convenience and a modern appearance, add Savaria automatic slim doors. 
The Savaria Infinity elevator can also be ordered in a Heavy Duty (HD) configuration with a capacity of 1400 lbs, code permitting.
Configuring your Infinity includes choosing up to 6 stops and an interior cab size of up to 15 sq. ft (4.57 m2) and 21 sq. ft (6.4 m2) for the HD version. A standard unit features one opening and you can add a second opening to accommodate your needs at different landings.  
Inside your Infinity elevator, four recessed ceiling lights are included along with a stainless steel cab operating panel and illuminated buttons. A standard unit comes in your choice of melamine walls. Savaria also offers a selection of wood veneer finishes as well as finely crafted hardwoods such as raised cherry panels.

You can also have your Savaria elevator finished on site by your own contractor to match your current home finishes.

Savaria Eclipse Home Elevator

The Eclipse residential elevator is a smooth riding elevator that doesn’t require a separate machine room so it takes less space in the home and usually takes less time to install than hydraulic elevators. Construction requirements for the Eclipse are simpler than some other home elevators, making it easier to install into an existing home.
Order your Eclipse elevator customized to your needs with an extensive menu of options. Choose from our standard melamines for your interior finish, or upgrade to wood veneer, available in a range of finishes.  For the ultimate in luxury, select a hand-crafted hardwood interior stained in your choice of color. Your Eclipse elevator can also be ordered in MDF and finished on site by your contractor to match your current home finishes.
Accessibility for New England can also show you the many ways to make your Eclipse home elevator the perfect complement to your home. Remove the burden of stairs and enhance your home with this fine elevator from Savaria.
 Call us now to discuss which is the best match for your needs @ 1888.9NE.LIFTSstairlifts for the handicapped


Since 1957, Fox Valley Elevator Company has been an industry leader & innovator of top quality residential elevators & dumbwaiters. Fox Valley also manufactures commercial dumbwaiters and serves these markets through a comprehensive national dealer network. 

Our site provides information for the homeowner or building professional looking to research, specify or purchase a Fox Valley product.