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Wheelchair Lift FAQ's
Harmar Residential Wheelchair Lift with battery back up
Harmar Residential Wheelchair Lift with battery back up
 How do I know which lift is best for my needs?
If you are not sure, please let us guide you. We are not commissioned sales people, but accessibility experts. We can be reached @ 1.888.9NE.LIFT  back to top

 Am I better off with a wheelchair lift or elevator?
This depends on your needs. With our 8+ years experience, we can help you with this. Please give us a call for a no obligation consultation. 1.888.9NE.LIFT  back to top

 Are wheelchair lift inspections required by law?
This varies per state, but in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont inspections are required in commercial applications and any dwelling that is not a single family residence. Single family residential homes are not required to be inspected, which makes choosing your elevator contractor even more important. Safety is our 1st priority, so let us help you install your elevator or vertical lift.  back to top

 Is there a weight limit for these vertical lifts?
Yes, typically, 750lbs is the weight limit for vertical platform lifts. However, a residential elevator can have up to a 1,000lbs capacity and the commercial LULA elevator can have up to a 1,400 lbs capacity. If you need more than that, please call us to consult.   back to top

 Are these lifts ADA compliant?
ADA sets the standards for handicap space and other requirements. All of the lifts we sell can be configured to meet ADA requirements, are constructed to ASME standards, are UL approved, and meet the requirements of A17 or A18. Please consult Accessibility for New England to check to see what codes you will have to meet.  back to top

 Does Medicare cover vertical lifts & elevators?
Medicare does not usually reimburse for lifts of any kind.  back to top