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 Savaria Vertical Chair Lift Specs 
  • Applications:  Commercial in the USA, residential, indoors, outdoors.

  • Standard Capacity: 750 lb (340 kg).

  • Maximum Travel Distance: 48" (121.92 cm), optionally up to 72" (182.88 cm)  Please note that the mobile, 3G and stainless unit are limited to 48" of travel.

  • Nominal Speed: 8 ft/min (0.04 m/s).

  • Drive/Motor: ACME screw drive and back-up nut, 1 hp, electronic-free controller.

  • Power Supply: 110 VAC, or 1/2 hp 12-volt battery model (residential only), Note  that the enclosed model features a 3/4 hp motor and the 12-volt battery enclosed model features a 1 1/2hp motor.

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