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Features and Benefits of Stairfriend Curved Stairlift


  • Battery powered: Operates through power interruptions with charging stations at top and bottom and optional intermediate landings
  • On-board controls: with soft start and smooth stop operation, seat swivels and locks into position for safe boarding and deboarding, retractable seat belt
  • Radio frequency remote controls: offer greater range and control of device from other rooms
  • Overspeed governor and obstruction sensors: to stop the chair if it meets an object in both up or down travel directions
  • Reliable rack and pinion drive: with sturdy, twin steer tube rail construction
  • Custom-built: for curves, turns, landings and parking, and can be mounted on either side of stairs
  • Onboard diagnostics: to identify any service issues
  • Finish options: Choice of seat with wipe-clean synthetic leather
  • Warranty: 36 months parts. Please see complete details here.


 Choice of seat, 90˚ or 180˚ parking, top or bottom overrun, keyless access, emergency stop button, and extra long seatbelt 


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Stairfriend Owner's Manual

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